Friday, February 20

Crinoline Head (1995)

Directed by Tommy Faircloth
90 Minutes / Horse Creek Productions / Full Frame / EP Tape Mode

A group of teenagers on a weekend trip in the country is stalked by a killer that likes to dispatch each in supposedly "funny" ways.

God awful waste of good tape that eats, breathes, and shits 1995. Incredibly annoying characters you want to strangle yourself a minute after seeing them on-screen. The loud valley girl, the preppy guy, the fat dork, the "all that" bitch you wanna shoot in the understand. It takes a tooth-pullin' fifty-three minutes before the first stupid kill (a dude with a bloody doll head stuck in his mouth, excuse me while I shit myself with laughter). I must admit to fast-forwarding through much of it and not seeing the ending. I think I'm a better person for that. Glad it was only $1, there's a $50 (!?!) used copy on Amazon right now. Any other way to spend fifty bucks is advised. Fangoria deserves to be shut down by force for giving this migraine such a nice pull quote.

Film: 0/5
VHS Picture: 2/10 (EP really is absolute shit)
VHS Sound: 2/10

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